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actress. model. poet.

After receiving a text message from her cousin stating she should consider moving to the city of angels it seemed as though things were falling into place. In 2015 Brittany moved to Los Angeles, CA to pursue acting and modeling.

Since moving to Los Angeles she has continued her training in commercial and theatrical acting and currently studies at Krater Studios with Jen Krater and Paolo Pagliacolo.

In addition to booking several national commercials for top brands and companies Brittany has played the lead role in short films such as “Mamma!”, “Seizure” as well as a supporting roles in the award winning short film, “Catching Up” alongside Thomas Q. Jones and Deji LeRay written and directed by Fowzi Abdelsmad. The short film won Best Short Film in The Bronzelens Film Festival in 2020. She also plays the role of Camille Barnes in Another Xmas Dinner written and directed by Jeffery L. Relf the short is up for three film festival nominations.


Born in Wiesbaden, Germany but raised in Columbia, South Carolina, Brittany attended The Art Institute of Charlotte where she received her Bachelors Degree of Applied Science in Fashion Marketing and Management.

With dreams of wanting to work with Rachel Zoe as a personal stylist Brittany soon realized that her passion was on the opposite side of the camera. While modeling was always a first passion of hers she always knew that acting held apart of her and soon she would be given a chance to pursue it.

After going through what seemed like an early mid life crisis a friend advised her to read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. At the time while working three jobs in Columbia, SC, Brittany felt she was being called to move to LA and the pathway for that to happen slowly started to open up for her.

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Recent News

Recent News


An Afro-Latino family is challenged with seeing the

youngest son (Tony Medina) for the first time in four

years since his sexual transition, (to Tamira Medina) and meeting her new husband for the first time on the evening of their family's annual Christmas dinner. Brittany plays the role of Camille Barnes, a law student, Human Rights

Advocate and Beauty Junkie.


Another XMas Dinner has received several official selections, Best Indie Short Film nomination for Florence Film Awards and the winner of Best Actress in the NYC Downtown Short Film Festival. 


A young woman, Valerie, is forced to live in a society that

rejects her conservative values. Her beliefs and promise to

God gets tested when she meets Ty Matthews, a sweet talker from Atlanta, who knows all the right things to say to her. 

Brittany plays the leading role as Valerie. Pure is currently

in post production.


In early April 2022  "Catching Up" made its debut on Fox Soul's Screening Room hosted by Vivica A. Fox. In the film Kevin gets a surprise visit from an old friend he never wanted to see again because of an incident that separated them years ago.


Brittany plays a supporting role, "Cassandra", the wife of Deji Laray (Kevin)  who gets an unexpected visit from childhood friend, Thomas Q. Jones. The film has won Best Short at the BronzeLenz Film Festival and is set to premiere at other festivals.


Catching Up was written and directed by Fowzi Abdelsamad and produced by Jeffery Relf and Midnight Train Productions.

The journey of a street-smart teen whose life is forever transformed when he moves from the streets of West Philadelphia to live with his relatives in one of LA's wealthiest suburbs.


Brittany plays a co star role as a student on season 2 episode 203.

A habitual liar afraid of disclosing his sexuality is slowly killed by the lies he tells his friends. Brittany plays the role of a group of friends having a hard time accepting Liron as an ally and his sexuality.

A habitual liar afraid of disclosing his sexuality is slowly killed by the lies he tells his friends. Brittany plays the role of a group of friends that have a hard time accepting Liron as an ally in their protest for LGBTQ.  Be has been accepted into its first film festival at the 2022 Atlanta Horror Film Festiva.

Breathe follows the story of a week in the life of Jaime, an eighteen year old non-binary teen. Their struggles with mental health, addiction, and relationships are pushed to the forefront as they come to terms with who they are.


Brittany plays the role of Sarah, a therapists who takes on Jamie as a client. 

Brittany plays the lead role, Anita, a mother struggling with the day to day challenges of raising a child as well as battling depression. The short was written and directed by Vincent J. Walker of USC School of Cinematic Arts and is set to premiere at upcoming film festivals. 

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